Thank you for your interest in Greenway Public Schools!

Residents of the Greenway District:
To enroll at Greenway, please fill out the appropriate enrollment form and return it to the corresponding school. 

Grades K-4: Vandyke Elementary Enrollment
Grades 5-12: Greenway High School Enrollment
Pre-K: Early Childhood Enrollment Form

Non Residents of the Greenway District:
Statewide enrollment options, informally known as open enrollment, is Minnesota’s public school choice option that allows students and parents to have access to schools that are not within their resident district. This program allows student enrollment from one school district into another. If you do not live in the Greenway District but would like your student to attend Greenway, please fill out the Open Enrollment form and return it to the appropriate school. 

If you have questions about the enrollment process or our schools, feel free to give us a call at 218-247-7306!